Video Series Promotes Ecotourism in Fiji

April 23, 2018

The recent UN Convention on Climate Change (COP 23) was held in Germany and was presided over by the Government of Fiji. Tourism Fiji wanted the world to know that Fiji is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and that eco-friendly resorts help restore and protect the environment. So, Tourism Fiji worked with Jean-Michel Cousteau and Ocean Futures Society to produce a series of promotional travel videos about Fiji.

Jim Knowlton, who has produced videos for Ocean Futures for many years, traveled to Fiji with colleague and cameraman Jahmin Lerum and shot 4K video to create a library for the video series. Jim and Jahmin shot video of rainforest jungles, white sandy beaches, eco-friendly resorts and restoration projects that are improving the environmental health of Fiji. Jim Knowlton also shot underwater video of pristine coral reefs and Jahmin shot aerial video using a drone.


The Tourism Fiji Video Series


The goal of the video series was to share how Fijians and resorts work to create sustainable ecotourism so that visitors will experience beautiful and healthy environments for many years to come. After their return, Jim edited two 4 minute videos and then 4 shorter videos for Tourism Fiji. The 6 videos were also translated into French and German, so that in all there were 18 videos produced to promote the beauty and sustainability of Fiji.



One of the main themes of the video seires is that at eco-friendly resorts in Fiji, guests can take part in programs that leave the environment in better condition than when they arrived. Many resorts have full-time biologists that share their knowledge with guests and they help keep the resort eco-friendly. Non-profit organizations also work with resorts to help restore the environment, with programs such as coral planting, mangrove planting, and iguana breeding programs.



Jim used a Canon 5D Mark lV video camera to shoot 4K video of Fiji above and below water. Jahmin used a Mavic Pro drone to shoot 4K aerial video of Fiji.



Tourism Fiji Director Matthew Stoeckel was very pleased with the success of the project. He wrote in an email to Jim Knowlton:

“Again, a real pleasure to work with you. Was probably the most seamless project we completed all year thanks to your professionalism, flexibility and experience working in Fiji. We thank you for your assistance to help promote this wonderful country to the rest of the world.”



Jim says, “The whole team at Tourism Fiji were wonderful to work with and they work really hard to promote sustainable eco-tourism and the beauty of Fiji and Fijians. And, its always a pleasure to work with Jean-Michel Cousteau and Ocean Futures Society to help inform and inspire people to care for and protect our ocean planet.”



French and German versions of each of these videos were also created since COP23 was a global event with many nations attending:




You can view all 18 videos in 3 languages on the Tourism Fiji YouTube Page: